About Us


National Urban Forest Alliance (NUFA)


To promote a thriving, sustainable and diverse Australian Urban Forest that creates a contiguous and healthy ecosystem that is valued and cared for by all Australians as an essential environmental, economic, and community asset.


The goals of the National Urban Forest Alliance is to develop, partner trial and implement systems, programmes, communications, guidelines, landscaping and infrastructure to grow the Australian Urban Forest.

NUFA values the Urban Forest for:

1. reducing greenhouse emissions by sheltering nearby buildings from sun and wind
2. reducing the urban heat island effect in a time of climate change to improve liveability and comfort
3. improving air quality for our atmosphere and water quality for our waterways and bays
4. sequestering carbon from the atmosphere to help prevent climate change
5. increasing habitat to support biodiversity
6. providing food such as fruits, nuts, spices and olives
7. increasing the life of infrastructure through weather protection
8. improving the visual amenity of streetscapes and neighbourhoods
9. increasing real estate value of properties with tree lined streets
10. improving the health of residents by encouraging them to walk and be more active

The Terms of Reference are:

1. Policy
a. Consider strategic directions for Australian Urban Forest policy
b. Consider significant proposed changes to policy and operational procedures
c. Develop and/or support research proposals for Australian Urban Forest research;
2. Information Sharing
a. Advocate and promote the benefits of the Australian Urban Forest
b. Provide advice on high priority issues relating to the Australian Urban Forest;
c. Consult wider industry and stakeholders on the Australian Urban Forest
d. Exchange information between representative groups and the wider community;
e. Provide advice on the delivery mechanisms, including communication, extension and commercialisation;
3. Performance Tools
a. Support and guide development of Urban Forest measurement tools
b. Monitor ongoing performance and need for Urban Forest measurement tools
c. Consider and manage potential links with other relevant performance measurement tools.


This group will meet at least twice per year. Additional meetings will be held as requested.


Current Stakeholders include but not limited to:

• Arboriculture Australia
• Brisbane City Council
• Nursery & Garden Industry Australia
• Parramatta City Council
• Australian Landscape Industry
• Campbelltown City Council
• Parks & Leisure Australia
• Darwin City Council
• Melbourne City Council
• Launceston City Council
• Sydney City Council
• ENSPEC Pty Ltd

Councils are primarily represented by capital cities, and supported by other active Councils. Future planning for NUFA will resolve how best to represent Councils across Australia.

Other interested stakeholders identified to be invited to become active participants include, but not limited to:

• Municipal Association Victoria
• Environs Australia
• Australian Institute of Landscape Architects
• Heritage Trust
• Lend Lease

Other technical experts will be incorporated with relevant tools and research.
The Alliance meetings will be chaired by one of the members from the relevant sector.
Arboriculture Australia will provide secretarial support and manage a Trust to handle all funds of the Alliance.

National Urban Forest Alliance (NUFA)

Acknowledge of contribution policy

For the National Urban Forest Alliance (NUFA) to commence working toward the betterment of the Urban Green Environment, considerable contributions have been made and more contributions will be required in the future to fund projects, media, information, education packages and perhaps in the near future a paid position to help administer future developments.

A contribution to NUFA will be accepted in three ways:

1.    Cash – this is money donated or equivalent dollar value for contract work.

2.    Donations of goods – examples include payment of facilities for meetings, providing meals for meetings, payment of goods and services required by the alliance, stationary, website, teleconference hosting

3.    In-kind labour – labour is measured by the time committed on specific projects, the in-kind does not recognise the steering committee meetings, but does recognition ad hoc committees conducting specific work assigned by the steering committee.

Cash and donations of goods are valued at the dollar amount and recognised in this way.  In-kind support is recognised at an hourly rate of AUD45.00.

To monitor the values correctly, partners will need to regularly update the hourly register.  The information will then be put into an access data base and monitored by Arboriculture Australia.

To ensure appropriate recognition is made to organisations, associations and companies who contribute a pyramid recognition system has been implemented. There will be five tiers to the pyramid and each tier represents a monetary value.

The value contributed is forever accumulative to ensure that no organisation is ever forgotten for their contribution to the Urban Environment.  This will be displayed on the NUFA website and organisations are encouraged to also make this information available to members and the public to help recognise the support given.

Platinum Alliance Partner

A Platinum alliance partner is measured on the value of above AUD100,000.00

Currently the alliance has two platinum partners, being Nursery Garden Industry Association and ENSPEC Pty Ltd.

Gold Alliance Partner

A Gold alliance partner is measured on the value of AUD70,000.00 contributed and above up to AUD99,000.

Currently the alliance has one silver partner, being MUFAG.

Silver Alliance Partner

A Silver alliance partner is measured on the value of AUD35,000.00 contributed and above up to AUD69,000.

Currently the alliance has two silver partners, being City of Sydney and City of Brisbane.

Bronze Alliance Partner

A Bronze alliance partner is measured on the value of AUD15,000.00 contributed and above up to AUD34,000.

Currently the alliance has one bronze partner, being Arboriculture Australia.

Alliance Champion

A Alliance partner is measured on the value of AUD1,000.00 contributed and above up to AUD14,000.

Currently the alliance has two champion partners,

·  City of Melbourne

·  City of Monee Valley

·  City of Darwin

·  City of Campbelltown

·  City of Launceston